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Astrology's Outer Planets

The current individual versus corporate mentality

The "outer planets" in Astrology are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and we are amidst an unusual and quite rare situation where they are all within one quadrant of the zodiac. Their extents are Pluto in Capricorn to Uranus in early Aries, with Neptune in the middle, in the early degrees of Pisces, the sign it rules.

We know the outer planets signify cultural and collective qualities, as well as our relationship to the public and public affairs in our own chart. You can find out where these planets are in your own birth chart with an Essential Birth Chart report. But what does this really mean?

Uranus square Pluto

Because the outer planets travel slowly through the signs, they stay in each sign for a long time: Uranus for 7 years, Neptune for 15 years, and Pluto for up to 20 years. So, for two years past and a few years to come, we will have Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries, a combination that many signify as the collective qualities tensioning our individual agendas, and creating great tension in our lives.

This is echoed by the 1 perent-99 percent movement of the rich versus everyone else in the U.S. The two political parties are deadlocked, which does none of us any good. It is also a reflection of the growing sense that corporate America owns politics, the parties and the politicians, at the expense of the average person. Both of these issues are at the center of current politics and discourse.

Political and social realities clash

As the Sun recently entered Aquarius for a month, we are in between the participants of this square. This is exaggerated as Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius. Ironically, on the day of the Inauguration of President Obama.

As Capricorn is pragmatic and Pisces, with Neptune in tow, is detachment as we head toward the self-assertive Aries, we are all going to experience an idealistic time when they clash with the political and social realities of our lives.

Do we choose to break down current structures (Saturn ruler), or do we extend our energies try to create new ones (Uranus ruler, residing in Aries)?

Take your pick!

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