Weekend Love Horoscope

Friday, Apr 18 -- Sunday, Apr 20

The weekend will kick off under the influence of Friday's Venus-Pluto link. This sexy connection promises intense, transformational love potential -- especially for the Earth and Water signs! But even if you're a Fire or Air sign, there's something for you, as well. That's because Friday will host an optimistic Sagittarius Moon that will be at a friendly angle to Mars, amping up the emotional/sexual quotient in your love life.

By Saturday, however, the Moon enters serious Capricorn, asking "What is the point?" If your love doesn't have enduring substance, the fires of passion may quickly burn out. If it does, however, then on Sunday, when Jupiter squares Uranus and opposes Pluto, you may feel a sudden intensity that surprises you. You're not interested unless you can be "all in."

Unfortunately, with the tense aspects the Moon will make on Sunday, it might not work out according to your plan. Your sweetheart may resist if he or she feels controlled or smothered.

  • Aries: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Taurus: 3 out of 3 hearts
  • Gemini: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Cancer: 2 out of 3 hearts
  • Leo: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Virgo: 3 out of 3 hearts
  • Libra: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Scorpio: 2 out of 3 hearts
  • Sagittarius: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Capricorn: 3 out of 3 hearts
  • Aquarius: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Pisces: 2 out of 3 hearts

Psychic Tip of the Day

Friday, April 18, 2014

Seek impassioned discussion about what you absolutely will not accept ...