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Weekend Love Horoscope

Friday, Nov 28 -- Sunday, Nov 30

The Moon enters Pisces on Friday evening, and you'll feel extra sentimental all weekend long because of it. You'll long for that soul-mate connection, and if you're in a relationship it's likely you and your sweetheart will feel a stronger spiritual bond.

If single, the longing for an ideal love may wash over you, and you might need to temper your craving with a dose of realism.

On Sunday night, the Moon enters Aries, and like a rubber band snapping against your skin you'll suddenly remember that you might not want to drown in love all the time. After all, you have a life.

The square between Mercury and Neptune on Sunday night cautions against making any firm decisions in love or any other area. Your judgment may feel clouded.

  • Aries: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Taurus: 2 out of 3 hearts
  • Gemini: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Cancer: 3 out of 3 hearts
  • Leo: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Virgo: 2 out of 3 hearts
  • Libra: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Scorpio: 3 out of 3 hearts
  • Sagittarius: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Capricorn: 2 out of 3 hearts
  • Aquarius: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Pisces: 3 out of 3 hearts

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