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Weekend Love Horoscope

Friday, Sep 5 -- Sunday, Sep 7

A quirky Aquarius Moon from Friday until Sunday evening will set the stage for a series of strange yet potentially exciting romantic events this weekend.

The irony of it all is that love planet Venus moves into Virgo on Friday. Virgo and Aquarius have nothing in common. The Aquarius Moon will leave you with a strong urge to do something off the beaten path with your sweetheart -- even something rather experimental! Venus in Virgo, however, is all about playing it safe in matters of the heart. So safe, in fact, that she can easily miss the love boat entirely!

The good news about Venus in Virgo is that you can count on your partner paying close attention to the details this weekend. He or she will have no problem tending to the obligations in your relationship. Whether it's taking out the garbage, picking up the dry cleaning or giving you a foot rub, you will express love to each other through humble service.

But remember: With that Aquarius Moon there will be something quite unusual and unpredictable about the weekend. Enjoy the weirdness.

  • Aries: 2 out of 3 hearts
  • Taurus: 2 out of 3 hearts
  • Gemini: 2 out of 3 hearts
  • Cancer: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Leo: 3 out of 3 hearts
  • Virgo: 3 out of 3 hearts
  • Libra: 2 out of 3 hearts
  • Scorpio: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Sagittarius: 2 out of 3 hearts
  • Capricorn: 1 out of 3 hearts
  • Aquarius: 2 out of 3 hearts
  • Pisces: 2 out of 3 hearts

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