Scorpio Parents By Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Parenting Compatibility: Devoted Detective

See what kind of parents you and your partner will be based on your zodiac signs Staff

If you’re a parent with your Sun in Scorpio, you are protective and devoted to your children. They won’t be able to get anything past you! You’ll be able to detect any lie, fib, or sneaky story that your kids try to get away with. You have high expectations for your children and want them to strive for excellence. While these are great values to teach your little ones, it’s important to remember to let kids be kids!


Scorpio and Aries

Scorpio and Aries Compatibility How many ways can two people try to one-up one another? The child of your Scorpio-Aries power couple will probably start to count them rather early in life. Although you have the ability to worship the ground one another walks on, you both share the desire to be the best at whatever you’re doing at any given moment. The constant competition could confuse baby, who might begin to actually feel like a football being grappled during the last seconds of a tied-score Super Bowl. The best way for you to work together is to develop respect for the things you each can do. Aries is good at organizing and moving the family’s activities forward, while Scorpio excels at reading between the lines. Pediatricians will marvel at the Scorpio parent’s diagnostic abilities. And, anyone lucky enough to be raised by this couple is sure to develop awesome competitive skills.

Scorpio and Taurus

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility Many people might look at your "forceful" personalities and wonder how you ever wound up in a position to be parents in the first place; but the truth is this is a match made in heaven. Indeed, you two are each very set in your ways. But because you are so intent on changing each other’s minds, you are the only ones who can get the other to compromise. Given that your child will have to witness many long-winded disagreements, in general there will be a common theme: "If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it." You two can create a comfortable, safe environment. The Taurus parent will equip the child with the means and knowledge necessary to acquire material wealth, while Scorpio will teach the ability to read people and set the highest standards for excellence. Your children will not be strangers to the concept of over-achievement.

Scorpio and Gemini

Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility Gemini and Scorpio will always find a way to work things out, but you will also have to establish firm boundaries and ground rules between you two. Children can become reasons for you to struggle for power and influence. Gemini will play the lenient parent -- the one who will always be there to listen to the children when they try to explain the reasons behind their bad behavior. Scorpio, on the other hand, will try to play on the children’s weaknesses to catch them when they stray from the straight and narrow. If these patterns are allowed to continue without being identified and discussed, you two can wind up in a contest for your children’s affection. The best way for you to approach discipline would be with a "Good Cop/Bad Cop" set-up; but in order to do that, you’ll have to call a truce and devise a plan you’re both willing to live with.

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Scorpio and Cancer

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility Although Scorpio and Cancer make fast friends, you will find there are many compromises you’ll have to reach when you work together as co-parents. Cancer will constantly put the comfort of children above everything else in the household, while Scorpio will want to make life just hard enough on them so they develop a reasonable work ethic. Although Scorpio will by far make a better disciplinarian, Cancer will often try to plead the children’s case for leniency. Cancer can create structure and set boundaries, too, but it will most often be gently and quietly. Scorpio will be unafraid to show anger, and will deliberately make it so no one knows when the temper flare-ups might strike. You two will have to find ways of dealing with your children that allow you both to express your natural tendencies without seeming as though you’re coming from two entirely different worlds.

Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility Scorpio and Leo make a strong and disciplined pair of parents -- and your children will have to learn how to toe the line at early ages, too. Leo’s mission is to bring the best out in children. Every talent, every skill is to be honed and refined. From baby gym to high school sports, Leo will proudly cheer on children -- as long as they’re working to bring out their personal best. Scorpio can be somewhat more understanding, but has even higher standards of excellence and achievement. The Scorpio parent will continue to raise the bar to a point most children find to be a strain on every last ability. Both of you can also be rather set in your ways, so you might need to check in with relatives and friends whose experiences with children can help you get a more realistic grip on what you should expect from your own.

Scorpio and Virgo

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility Scorpio and Virgo have a lot to bring to the parenting process, both as individuals and in the way you relate to each other. Both of you share very high standards. Virgo seeks perfection in every little thing, while Scorpio insists on going beyond "very good" to "excellent" in every facet of life. Together, you have the big picture AND the little details covered. Things will go more smoothly, though, if Virgo is willing to let Scorpio have the last word on most major decisions. Although Virgo will talk about little things that can go wrong, Scorpio will want to at least believe that s/he’s the one who’s in control. As parents you are both hyper-vigilant and can be manipulative, so your children won’t have many chances to get around the rules. You will command respect from their brood, and give it back in return -- as long as they live up to your great expectations.

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Scorpio and Libra

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility Scorpio and Libra are two totally different kinds of parents. Libra likes to let things ride, and often will avoid confrontation because it disturbs the peace they needs. Scorpio, on the other hand, is always prodding around at people’s deepest feelings, to make sure they own up to them and don’t miss any opportunity to be the best person possible. Scorpio will do this not only to children, but also to the Libra co-parent. As long as you two understand your individual personalities as well as the nature of your relationship, you should be rather successful as parents. Scorpio obviously makes the better disciplinarian, but Libra will often have to step in to settle the inevitable struggles between parent and child. Your children can expect to learn much from watching your relationship, and you they can come from two totally different places and still achieve love and harmony.

Scorpio and Scorpio

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility Your might as well give up on any idea they might have of getting away with the smallest act! As a Scorpio you will micromanage your children’s lives relentlessly, and when two of you are involved, that is likely to go double. Scorpio’s real intention for children is to show them how to achieve the highest degree of excellence possible. The problem here might be that, while the you two attempt to do that, you might forget about the simple, everyday things children love. You will both need to remember to play and be open to letting your children make some decisions here and there. Trying to control children too much will almost always lead to rebellion, even at a young age. Although it might not be in Scorpio’s playbook, allowing children to make mistakes -- and little messes -- is part of letting them learn about life’s realities.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility As a Scorpio and Sagittarius you will have to do some work to blend your widely different parenting styles. Scorpio will try to control the child and his or her environment, while Sagittarius will want the child to experiment with virtually every available adventure. Both of you will be equally insistent about doing things your own way, too. your children can react in many different ways -- and will probably use this basic difference in opinion to work one parent against the other to get the things they want. You can avoid this by keeping your discussions between the two of you. It might not be possible to make it so your children can’t guess what’s going on, but you can at least minimize trouble by trying your best to work out compromises and maintain a united front. This will be especially important when discipline comes into play. You must enforce rules at all costs.

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Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility Scorpio and Capricorn are the "power couple" of the parenting game. Strong-to-the-point-of-stubborn Scorpio will support stickler-for-tradition-and-rules Capricorn every step of the way, and vice versa. It’s probably best to let Capricorn at least believe he or she is the alpha parent, but Scorpio will enjoy being the power behind the throne. While Capricorn will set up the rules, Scorpio will refine them until they challenge everyone to reach their highest degree of excellence. Your children will have to scramble to please you two, but if you are wise, you will both remember to balance your criticisms or suggestions for improvements with praise for trying to do a good job. Capricorn will be best at enforcing punishment and keeping the aloof distance that intimidates children into good behavior, but no one -- NO ONE -- can devise a good punishment like a Scorpio. As parents you should check in with each another frequently to make sure you stay on the same page.

Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility Scorpio and Aquarius make an excellent parenting team, because you both see the world the same way: yours. You both tend to fixate on an idea, and won’t stop until you convince everyone around you to believe in it as strongly as you do. This attitude allows you to make a stable environment for your children, but problems can come up when the children begin to feel stifled. Aquarius will handle the spirit of rebellion a lot better than Scorpio will. Scorpio will have to be convinced that separation is a normal part of child development. Aquarius can sometimes be too detached, on the other hand, leaving the child to believe the Aquarius parent doesn’t care what happens to him or her. Long conversations about how each parent handles relationships should give you each opportunities to swap skill sets and develop equally balanced parenting styles.

Scorpio and Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility As long as you two are clear about your roles and stick to them, you two sensitive, loving people will make very good parents. Scorpio is the strong one here, and that’s fine until the forcefulness morphs into manipulation. Pisces can teach Scorpio that sometimes it’s best when you just let go; but then again Pisces sees things the way they should be, rather than the way they are. Fortunately, both of you can talk about your feelings. The challenge is for you to take the focus off yourselves and pay more attention to your children. The key word here is "play," and Pisces will have a much easier time doing it. Pisces will get into imaginative fantasies -- maybe more than the children -- while Scorpio will encourage competition in sports and strategy games. Scorpio will be the more natural disciplinarian, but the children can occasionally appeal to Pisces for clemency.

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