Taurus Parents By Zodiac Sign

Taurus Parenting Compatibility: Patient Pushers

See what kind of parents you and your partner will be based on your zodiac signs
Tarot.com Staff

If you’re a parent with your Sun in Taurus, you raise your children with a patient and nurturing hand. You want the best for your kids and you won’t stop until they’re well-rounded and striving for success! This might mean that you can be a little overbearing from time to time, but everything you do is out of love -- and your child’s hard work will always be rewarded with a special treat!


Taurus and Aries

Taurus and Aries Compatibility This couple’s children will have the experience of two distinctively different parents, that’s for sure! Being the drive-by disciplinarian means that Aries will blow up randomly any time the child does something that’s wrong or irritating, then forget all about it a minute or so later. Taurus will be eternally patient, allowing little pressures to build up until the camel’s back is broken. At that point, the eruption could rival Mt. St. Helens, and it won’t be over for a VERY long time. It won’t be long before your child figures out what makes each of you lose your composure, and begin to push buttons accordingly and at will. To avoid making baby wonder why you’re both so consistently inconsistent, try to keep one another in check. Have a conference before you let loose with your next temper tantrum -- and work together to administer discipline when it’s really needed.

Taurus and Taurus

Taurus and Taurus Compatibility This is the couple they design organic swaddling blankets and premium quality, designer baby bottles for; so this baby won’t have to worry about material security. As baby becomes a child and teen, though, friction could develop. Taurus doesn’t like to change the status quo. It’ll be hard for you Taurus parents to accept the truth of your little critter growing up, and any battles your child starts with you will be pretty one-sided. You Taurus parents will have to strive toward accepting the inevitability of change. Once you can transform your acquisitiveness into true generosity, you can experience the joy of giving with no strings attached. This might also help you from fretting so much that you all wind up at the family shrink before your child even hits puberty. As parents, you two need look at one another once in awhile just to say, "Go with the flow."

Taurus and Gemini

Taurus and Gemini Compatibility Taurus and Gemini parents make the ultimate touch-and-talk team. Taurus won’t be able to get enough of the tactile sensations that come with parenthood -- from baby-soft skin to cuddling and cooing until the tears stop. Meanwhile, Gemini’s currency for parental care comes in words. Even before the first utterances are heard, your child’s head will be filled with an encyclopedia-like vocabulary! As parents you two can enjoy holding your child and reading long, laughable stories that stimulate giggles and grins. As your child grows old enough to require discipline, though, there will be two distinct styles here. Gemini will be lenient, and not give much clear direction, while Taurus’ #1 quote will be "My way or the highway." Together, the two of you should talk through your punishment policies before they are handed out, or risk being manipulated by your all-too-clever progeny.

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Taurus and Cancer

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility Taurus and Cancer parents make an easygoing pair. You will go out of your way to provide everything your child could possibly need -- at least at first. Problems could arise when Cancer’s "must" list for the perfect child gets long enough to cut into Taurus’ creature comfort budget. Cancer will begin to sacrifice non-essential items (big screen TVs, fancy furniture, a new car) if there’s not enough to give baby the latest and greatest of everything. Taurus is always more than happy to provide anything that can be procured with "disposable" funds, but when the choices are private dancing lessons or sports coaching for a 3-year-old versus a new leather couch or country club membership, Taurus will probably draw the line. This can be worked out by endless discussions that Cancer is quite unlikely to win. Better for Cancer to give the Bull what it wants, and stash away a separate fund for indulging beloved baby.

Taurus and Leo

Taurus and Leo Compatibility You two will get along great as parents, as long as you don’t become too wrapped up in competition. Each of you are warm-hearted and will embrace the concept of taking care of your children’s needs through protecting their interests and trying to help them make the most out of their talents. The contest begins when one parent tries to out-do the other at their particular plan for protecting the child. The best way around this would be for you both to share in every aspect of the child’s care and feeding. You should also always try to present a united front to the child. Because both of you are so settled on doing things your way, you may not notice when your little one uses the ensuing dispute to distract parents while they go their own way ... off to the forbidden corner of the back yard, or out way past curfew.

Taurus and Virgo

Taurus and Virgo Compatibility Taurus and Virgo are natural-born buddies, so you two will take to parenting with a keen awareness of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. As with most of the things you do together, you’ll have to approach rearing your child with a sane and reasonable division of labor. Your respective skill sets are distinct, but also almost perfectly compatible. Taurus is good at providing material comforts and keeping the home calm and peaceful. Virgo’s strong suit is tending to details and always making sure the environment is clean and sanitary, if not pristine. Both of you will have much to say to your child about the "right" way to do things. Virgo will balance Taurus’ over-indulgent tendencies with a more discerning attitude. As long as this doesn’t drift into the realm of criticism, your children could grow up believing that they were raised by parents who are very loving -- and comparatively sane.

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Taurus and Libra

Taurus and Libra Compatibility Because both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, you two get along as co-parents, but not because you always see things the same way. Taurus will want the child to be grounded, tactile, and sensible, while Libra will always try to find ways to stimulate the child intellectually, and do everything possible to encourage the child’s appreciation for beauty, art, music, peace, and justice. Taurus will be the parent that’s willing to shake things up when they are out of whack; loud declarations of the way things "ought to be" won’t be unheard of. Libra’s manner is much more subtle, but can be equally effective. Libra will usually avoid arguments. Instead, the rest of the family will be left guessing what’s making you steamed and broody. Direct discussions of every joint decision will make your parenting road much smoother!

Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility Many people might look at your "forceful" personalities and wonder how you ever wound up in a position to be parents in the first place; but the truth is this is a match made in heaven. Indeed, you two are each very set in your ways. But because you are so intent on changing each other’s minds, you are the only ones who can get the other to compromise. Given that your child will have to witness many long-winded disagreements, in general there will be a common theme: "If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it." You two can create a comfortable, safe environment. The Taurus parent will equip the child with the means and knowledge necessary to acquire material wealth, while Scorpio will teach the ability to read people and set the highest standards for excellence. Your children will not be strangers to the concept of over-achievement.

Taurus and Sagittarius

Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility Having parents like you will give your children a wide range of attitudes to learn and grow with. Taurus’ stable attitude will anchor the family, while Sagittarius’ insatiable curiosity will broaden everybody’s horizons. Your house will probably be filled with laughter, too, because both Taurus and Sagittarius can always find the funny side of most situations. When the children need discipline, Sagittarius will be able to think of ways that justice can be done, while Taurus will follow through with the plan. Taurus should watch that Sagittarius doesn’t cave when the child wants to find a way around established rules and household policies. Meanwhile, Sagittarius will have to encourage Taurus to allow the family to take fun vacation trips and find other ways to broaden their horizons. You two can definitely find a balance between work and play, and raise children whose values include ambition and fairness.

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Taurus and Capricorn

Taurus and Capricorn Compatibility You two make a grounded pair that will work together to build a wall that protects and nurtures your children. Although you have your feet planted firmly in the material world, your two signs also have the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Taurus will get down on the floor to cuddle and wrestle, while Capricorn will find fun ways to teach strategy games and practical skills -- like how to count money or do grocery shopping. Both of you will tend to expect your children to act more grown up than they really are at any given stage of development. You’ll need to promise one another to take at least a little bit of every day to sit down and laugh together as a family. Letting your children tell you what’s fun for them would also be a good idea -- and help you two to keep a youthful and playful attitude, too.

Taurus and Aquarius

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility Taurus and Aquarius parents create a demanding pair that could make life tough for your children. Taurus’ loving and generous nature comes with a price -- an exacting, demanding list of things your child will need to learn in order to earn his or her place in the household. First and foremost among them is a healthy respect for money and the things it can buy. They’ll be rewarded with treats from time to time, too. Meanwhile, your children will find the Aquarius parent is a lot less open-minded than they say they are. Aquarius will insist that children learn to be useful not just at home, but also in society. While other kids are running around the neighborhood chasing balls and jumping rope, your children could be learning about financial management and community service. Taurus will be much more authoritative than Aquarius, who prefers treating children as equals, if they’re as mature and independent as possible.

Taurus and Pisces

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility You two make for a loving couple will dote on your children from the moment they’re born. Taurus will brag and boast all over town about the most beautiful babies in the world, while Pisces will do as many things as possible to make sure they have a very easy life. Although this nurturing environment can provide a sense of comfort for your children, the Taurus parent will have to step up at some point to inject some order and discipline into their lives. Pisces gets so emotionally involved, the rules can get thrown out the window, often when they’re needed the most. Pisces will become deeply wounded by children’s carelessness and thoughtlessness, and will always try to teach them to think about how what they do affects other people. Taurus will teach them how to survive in the material world, through hard work. This creates a very nice balance for stabilizing the children’s lives.

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