Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter is the largest of all the true planets. Its mass is greater than all the rest of the planets combined. If it was only 20% larger it would develop enough heat at its core to be a star. Astrologically, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth and optimism. Known as "The Greater Benefic," it symbolizes good luck and forutne. In the ancient Indian language Sanskrit Jupiter is called "Guru" or teacher. This fits its association with the higher mind, philosophy, truth and religion. Perhaps Jupiter's good fortune derives from the capacity to give us a larger view in which to see the world.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, meaning that astrologers traditionally considered it to be strenthened in this watery family sign. This can reflect the idea of noble blood or a rich estate. In modern terms, however, Jupiter in Cancer suggests that growth comes through emotional awareness. Truth is derived by direct experience, rather than abstract ideas. Wisdom comes from the gut and opportunities are felt instinctively. The general tenor of this period reminds us to listen inwardly, instead of seeking external teachers. Information that comes from the outside needs to be filtered through feelings before it can be fully assimilated.

A narrow expression of Jupiter in Cancer can be conservative and nationalistic. Meaning is derived from the limited experience of the family, clan or state. A higher understanding of this combination can be the awareness of collective concerns for security and safety, as well as an expanded sense of caring for all living things.

Among those born with Jupiter in Cancer were tragic rockers Kurt Cobain, Brian Wilson, Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, and actors Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Benicio Del Toro, Chris Noth and Laura Dern. The diverse group of Newt Gingrich, Mike Tyson, Chris Evert, Bobby Fischer, Martin Scorsese and Ram Dass were also born with Jupiter in Cancer.

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