Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio: Sharp, Inquisitive, Mysterious

Oct 3, 2019 – Dec 9, 2019 Staff

Mercury plunges into the depths when it enters passionate and private Scorpio. Mercury is the planet that influences how we think and communicate, but while it moves through this watery sign, our thoughts mix with our feelings and inspire us to ask questions and get to the bottom of what’s happening in our lives...

Ideas, conversations, and people who are shallow or superficial have no power during Mercury in Scorpio. Instead, this is a time of depth and intimacy, and can be a very effective period to talk about difficult issues regarding relationships, money, and mortality.

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When Mercury is in Scorpio

Scorpio thrives in the dark -- the realm of secrets and lies, questions and answers, death and transformation. It is an extremely inquisitive sign that is never satisfied with what is simply lying on the surface. Scorpio knows that the real treasures are found when you dig a little deeper, so while mental Mercury moves through the sign of the Scorpion, we all start asking more questions and searching for hidden meanings ... but we may not be happy with what we discover...

When Mercury travels through Scorpio, it’s like Mercury is shining a light on all the darkest parts of ourselves. We become more aware of our fears and desires, and the ways that others’ lives impact our own. We can bond in much more intimate ways because we’re able to discuss topics that are normally off-limits.

But Mercury in Scorpio brings out the skeptic in all of us. While it may feel like we’re searching for something wrong in every situation, it’s really about emphasizing our negative thinking to get positive results. By eliminating information and ideas that don’t serve our needs, we make room for those that will.

Our minds are also more suspicious when Mercury is in Scorpio. Because it’s a time that emphasizes secrecy and privacy, we’re quick to assume there are things going on that we don’t know about. But if we push too hard to try to get to the truth -- which is very likely under Scorpio’s persistent influence -- we risk creating long-term issues of intimacy and mistrust. That said, Mercury in Scorpio does have the potential to foster greater intimacy as well. Because we’re more willing to ask the really hard questions, we might finally get the answers we need to grow closer in the process.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

When Mercury retrogrades through the sign of Scorpio, issues of honesty and intimacy arise. Secrets and lies we’ve been trying to hide are exposed, or we may experience yet another fallout from a previous deceit or betrayal.

A key quality of any Mercury Retrograde is that it offers us a second chance to correct errors, reconnect with people, and absorb information that we didn’t get the first time around. Doing this in dense, dark Scorpio, however, requires us to stay calm in what can feel like threatening situations. This is a time to learn that thoughts and reality are not the same thing. We can and should question facts and conclusions that come from the things we see and hear.

If you were born with Mercury in Scorpio

People born under the influence of Mercury in Scorpio can often be very intense individuals. You perceive and process the world in a very acute way, making it hard for you to ignore hanging questions and suspicions. You know that the information that is readily available to you is just the tip of the iceberg, and if you want the real answers, you’ve got to dig deeper...

You value your privacy above most things. You’re capable of opening up and sharing yourself in intense, passionate ways, but only when you’ve reached a level of real trust in a relationship or friendship. Because of this, you tend to have very deep and emotional connections with others, and may have a very difficult time letting people go.

You may also deal regularly with issues of trust. Believing that others don’t have ulterior motives or hidden agendas is hard for you, and you could create big problems in relationships by insisting there is something happening when there really isn’t. In the same light, you highly value your own privacy, and don’t appreciate people trying to pry you out of your comfort zone. The best thing you can do is extend this same consideration to the people you love, and realize that sometimes things can be taken at face value.

Mercury in Scorpio Traits:

  • Perceptive
  • Deep
  • Passionate
  • Skeptical
  • Persistent
  • Investigative
  • Intimate
  • Secretive
  • Intense

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