Saturn in Leo

Saturn in Leo

Saturn is the last planet visible to the naked eye. For millennia, it represented the limits of the solar system and came to symbolize time, structure and order. Saturn takes about 29 years to orbit the Sun, spending about two and a half years in each sign of the zodiac.

Saturn is the planet that says "no" but means "yes." The no comes from Saturn showing us what isn't working, sometimes in the form of frustrating blockages or delays. But these help us see where we need to put in effort to make concrete changes. Saturn says "yes" as the planet of crystallization that brings energy into matter. Saturn's presence in a sign of the zodiac shows us where we are likely to meet limits and how to construct something useful.

Saturn in Leo is considered challenging by raditional astrologers. Since Saturn is the original ruler of the opposite sign Aquarius where its cool edge of reason fits so well, it is in detriment in Leo. (Saturn ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius until the discovery of Uranus, which has displaced Saturn as the modern ruler of Aquarius. Many astrologers use both the traditional and modern rulerships.) Theoretically, this suggests that the planet and sign don't get along well. We can understand the contrast between the warmth and personal expressiveness of Leo and Saturn's utilitarian approach to life. The planet chills the sign. But Saturn tends to put a damper on the energy wherever it is, yet rewards with concrete results for those willing to do the work.

The job of Saturn in Leo is building the courage to express our personalities. While the negative side of this potentially negative planet is to suppress the joyous impulses of this self-important sign, holding yourself back is not the point. The planet needs the power of the human heart, one person at a time, starting with you. Planning and building a framework for your creativity is a gift to all of us. Saturn provides the planning and training, Leo the talent and stage on which to present it. This passage through Leo is a chance to face the excesses and insufficiencies of ego, to temper them with training and direct personal power with creativity, generosity and love.

Among the many famous people born with Saturn in Leo are Ludwig Van Beethoven, Thomas Jefferson, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Alan Leo, Jim Thorpe, T.S. Eliot, Jean Cocteau, Leonard Bernstein, Billy Graham, J.D. Salinger, Jackie Robinson, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Sir Edmund Hillary, Deepak Chopra, Steven Spielberg, David Bowie, Elton John, David Letterman, Camilla Parker Bowles, Carlos Santana, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stephen King, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Al Gore, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, Jessica Lange, Tiger Woods, and Stevie Nicks.

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