Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn, the planet with the rings around it, defines boundaries and limits. Its transit through earthy Taurus raises some serious questions about whether any of us has enough money, comfort or security. Is it even possible to feel safe in these times of rapidly increasing change? Saturn gives us a clear picture of where we stand. This works fine as long as cynicism doesn’t replace realism.

Don’t judge yourself harshly. Saturn’s a great teacher if you’re willing to be patient and make real change. You can’t fake it now. There’s nothing cosmetic about what’s going on here. Just sit down and examine your history. Make sure to note your successes as well as your failures.

A systematic approach to success may serve you best. You may not be able to turn your life around completely overnight, but a gradual, yet consistent, process of change will work to forever alter your reality. You can earn the self-respect that you want. With that you can go out and create a more welcoming world. This is not about taking responsibility for everything around you. Start small and make simple, easy changes first. The pieces will add up over time until you find that each brick has contributed to the new structures in your life.

Your responsibility (Saturn) is just to be real (Taurus). This is not the reality of pain and suffering, however. It is the reality of this Earth and the simple pleasures and basic acts that make this planet a welcoming home and shelter to us all. Security comes from knowing that you belong on this planet. Spending time with nature is a great reminder of the organic nature of all living things, including we human beings.

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