The Pig's Chinese Horoscope for 2013

The Pig's Chinese Horoscope for 2013

Truth and consequences
Stephanie Dempsey

The honest Pig will have some difficulty throughout this Year of the Water Snake. Snake years are notoriously deceptive, which can be confusing for your sign, which is straightforward in all of its dealings. If the big-hearted Pig isn't careful, a sneaky opportunist could take advantage of your generosity. That's why it's so important for you to be on guard. Learning the fine art of discernment will be one of the greatest lessons you can learn this year.

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The good news is that this year is ruled by the Water element, which is very favorable to Pigs. Creative opportunities will abound, and any Pig that works in an artistic field should fare well. Pigs that have artistic hobbies like painting, writing, dancing, and playing music will also take great enjoyment from these pursuits. 

Disagreements can compromise the health of many Pigs this year. Your courteous sign isn't used to arguing. Unfortunately, misunderstandings abound during the Year of the Water Snake, when everyone takes innocent remarks as hidden jabs. Brisk exercise can ease the tension that arises from petty squabbles. A gym membership is a must for every health-oriented Pig this year. 

The Year of the Water Snake can be beneficial for the Pig, provided you are willing to make some changes. Ordinarily your sign is content to go with the flow, but that won't be an option during this Snake year. Therefore, ambitious Pigs must cultivate a fighting spirit. By learning to demand what you want, you can reap significant benefits in 2013. 

The Pig's love horoscope

The single Pig should be wary in love during the Year of the Water Snake. A romantic interest who seems utterly fabulous can actually be hiding significant flaws. It may be best for independent Pigs to go solo this year. Your affectionate sign gets easily attached to others, which could lead to heartache. This doesn't mean that single Pigs are fated to be miserable during the Year of the Snake. On the contrary, you will likely enjoy pursuing your own interests without having to compromise for a demanding lover. 

For Pigs who are already committed to a lover, you may decide to make more demands this year. Snake years tend to reveal hidden resentments. Any Pig that has been sacrificing their dreams for the sake of a partner will probably become fed up. By learning to express your needs in a forthright but friendly fashion, you can pave the way for a healthier relationship. The transformative power of a Snake year cannot be underestimated. 

The Pig's money horoscope

The Pig's financial fortune is tied to their friendships the Year of the Water Snake, so it's so important to be discreet about social networking. An embarrassing photo or post could take you out of contention for a great job. The Year of the Water Snake has a way of biting those who aren't safeguarding their reputations. Keep a low profile throughout 2013 -- that can be difficult for a sociable creature like you, but it can be done.

Unemployed Pigs will find work more easily by expanding their skill set. Venturing into a creative field would be most profitable, yet while the money won't be fantastic, it should at least be steady. Plus, there will be the added bonus of earning money from an enjoyable job. Snake years reward those who gamble on the side of personal happiness. Pigs seeking a job change should take note of this trend.

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