This Weekend's Love Horoscope: Sweet and Spicy

Love horoscopes for the weekend of February 23-25

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There is a strong desire to enjoy beauty and romance with loved ones this weekend due to relationship-oriented Venus making a beatific embrace with visionary Neptune in Pisces just before the weekend starts. Venus and Neptune hook up in the sky only once a year, and the magic of this celestial connection is that sweetness fills the air and makes us want to expand and share our love with others! If you're single, this could mean a new romance falling right into your lap! If you're in a relationship, you'll naturally want to get lost in the magic with your loved one, envisioning your future together and cherishing each other. Regardless of your relationship status, though, be sure to be realistic about who you're having these strong feelings for. This aspect can also have you glossing over potential red flags in hopes that your fantastical idea of this person is actually based on reality -- don't count on it!

On Sunday, pleasurable Venus will create some tension with feisty Mars. This can add zest into the bedroom, as your sexual desire will be elevated and passion will be high! The same day, communicative Mercury will unite with Neptune, encouraging you to connect and converse with your partner on a soul-felt level. This weekend, your body, mind, and soul can all get what they want!

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