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Organized Discipline

7: Organized Discipline

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9: Small Influences

8: Holding Together

Holding together produces success. High-level teamwork is achieved when the right players, on the right team, share a clear goal at the right time. A team forms its relationships in a delicate manner; chemistry is brewed in the vat of shared experience. Latecomers cannot share the same depth of union as earlier members. Wholehearted commitment is required for team success.

All successful teams have a shared vision and a good leader. If its leader can rise to the challenge, the team will prosper. In political and business affairs, just as in basketball, it is hard to win without a strong center.

Accept the structure of the team if you wish to receive its benefits; otherwise, go off on your own. In holding together with others, cling to your own principles, but be willing to subordinate personal desires for the good of the group. If you would like to become a leader, remember that to become the center of influence, binding people together is a serious challenge and responsibility. Assess yourself carefully to see if you qualify for such a role. If not, it would be better that the group not be formed than for you to lead it without proper preparation.

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