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17: Following

About I Ching Hexagrams The Approach of Spring

19: The Approach of Spring

18: Repairing Some Damage

When something has become spoiled, it is time to repair the damage. In the world of human affairs, self-indulgence and corruption grow like weeds in an untended garden; they must be faced squarely, and rooted out through bold action. Eliminating corruption -- and the sloppiness that leads to corruption -- is one of the most ennobling of all human enterprises, as it clears the way for fresh, new beginnings. Such repair leads to supreme success.

This is a time to be lean and efficient. The weeds must be rooted out before the whole garden is lost. Fighting decay, indifference and corruption is not a simple matter; the steps must be evaluated carefully, and planning should precede action. Resist the temptation to strike out prematurely. Gather strength around you, and marshal your inner resources, because arresting decay requires a strong effort. When you do act, pay close attention to the process. Make your strike as precise and clear as the path of the surgeon’s knife.

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