Sun in Sagittarius: The Danger of Absolute Belief

The Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21, as we head toward the end of the year holidays. The Archer is the sign of the believer, his arrow aiming toward the one absolute truth. Sagittarius is associated with religion and philosophy that seek to expand our understanding of life. These can come in the form of high ideals that elevate the human spirit, or in blind faith that dulls the mind with gross generalities, ignorance and prejudice.

Back in June, I wrote about Sagittarius' ruler Jupiter entering Gemini, its opposite sign. The giant planet's yearlong transit of the Twins represents a scattering of purpose, like arrows fired aimlessly in a hundred different directions. Although this transit makes it easier to wobble around the truth and alter principles with casual carelessness, the Sun's current presence in righteous Sagittarius spurs us to firm up our opinions and strengthen our beliefs.

A potential benefit is finding shards of clarity that appear to illuminate meaning and purpose in the midst of these confusing times. And you can get even more clarity with insight from a 30-Day Astrology Forecast. A downside, though, is the reinforcement of divisions among us based on religion and politics.

When contrasting drives like the singular arrow of the Sagittarius Sun and the multi-targeted ones of Jupiter in Gemini are present they often provoke extreme behavior. The potential uncertainty stirred by an information overload from the Gemini transit can push us to the opposite extreme in an attempt to overcome confusion. The Sun in Sagittarius' hunger for absolute answers can feel more urgent in the face of too many contradictory possibilities. The psyche seeks solutions in such paradoxical times that often do not represent our higher nature.

You can't judge what you haven't lived

Opinions are easy. We have them about the people in our lives, about celebrities, about world affairs, about the decor in our living rooms, whether God is real or if our football team will make the playoffs. They give us a sense of authority and a little feeling of power. This knowing belongs to the domain of Jupiter and its home sign Sagittarius. Yet many of the judgments we make are not rooted in a real knowledge of the subject we're addressing.

When we talk about the economy, which is incredibly complex and controversial for well-trained economists, we're like fans talking about sports or music that we never played ourselves. Most of the time, the beliefs we express are more about likes and dislikes than the results of serious study. This is not Jupiter's world of truth; it is Venus' world of personal tastes.

It's fine to have opinions, though, and to have preferences and points of view. The issue is when we mistake them for the truth. Puffing ourselves up with self-righteousness or a sense of moral or intellectual superiority is a way to blow other people off. It ends meaningful discussions and closes minds. Nevertheless, my point today is not to judge judgment, but to remind us to take our ideas a little more lightly.

A bit of humor and a dash of humility go a long way to keep hearts open when minds are closed.

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