Cancer Sibling Compatibility

Cancer Sibling Compatibility: Sensitive Defender

See how your Cancer astrology traits affect your sibling relationships Staff

You're a protective, loyal, and caring family member, Cancer! When it comes to your siblings, you're always ready to jump to their defense. You're always playing the "big brother" role no matter where you fall in your family tree. Remember to let loose once in a while! Your siblings appreciate your loving, sensitive side, but your brothers and sisters also enjoy seeing your wacky, playful side.

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Cancer and Aries

Cancer and Aries Compatibility Cancer and Aries may not seem to have a lot in common, but you can get along really well. You’re both self-starters, so you probably played well together, helped around the house, or made friends outside the home when you were children. It may be tough for either of you to finish what you start. You might fill up your home with hand-me-down sports equipment and musical instruments, because each of you show interest in several ways of showing your physical and creative skills. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before making commitments to lessons, sports, and activities. Most fights will occur when Aries’ blunt-tongued approach hurts your overly-sensitive feelings. Aries will become impatient with your moodiness, meanwhile, so you’ll both exercise your equally sharp skills at hurling insults. As adults, you share a love for family, including one another, despite your differences.

Cancer and Taurus

Cancer and Taurus Compatibility The natural desire to protect and nurture that Cancer and Taurus share will probably keep things peaceful most of the time. Taurus will only get upset for two reasons: when physical needs have not been met, and when people don’t give them their way. You, on the other hand, are upset more often than you are content -- and you’re likely to make noticeable complaints. You may decide to follow Taurus’ level-headed lead at times, Cancer. When you don’t, Taurus will get fed up with you and the bullying will begin. For this reason, it’s a good idea for parents to monitor this pairing during childhood. Taurus can intimidate you, and may be unaware of the damage that’s been done until years later. In most cases, you will find peaceful ways to get along, and will share pleasant memories of time spent together.

Cancer and Gemini

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility Cancer and Gemini have a lot in common, even though their personalities may not seem very similar. You like to listen and nurture, and Gemini likes to collect information from the outside world and share it with loved ones. You can easily meet one another’s needs, but when it comes to hobbies, you might not have the same interests. You like to know you’re the center of attention, while Gemini is far happier hanging out with more than one person at a time. You might have completely separate activities and friends -- at least until you’re used to one another. At times, Gemini might feel smothered by you, while you overreact to Gemini’s incessant multitasking. However, fights aren’t likely to last long between the two of you. You will continue to be enthralled by one another’s exploits and achievements well into adulthood.

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Cancer and Cancer

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility What more could parents ask for than two soulful, nurturing children who like to cook and take care of things around the house? Maybe they should have considered retaining an emotional health expert. As Cancers, you’re both sensitive people who are relatively quiet and peaceful. But, depending on the age difference, there will be a lot of competition between you, too. You might share your possessions without a problem, but you’re not likely to be as generous with how much you share the attention of friends or family members. As Cancers, you are both high-maintenance people; you need a lot of stroking and encouragement. When you fight, it can become quite vicious, if solely verbal. There will certainly be bruised egos, and there will be days when you’ll wish you were both a little less sensitive. But don’t worry, you’ll work things out and carry on your competition in a more friendly way as you grow older.

Cancer and Leo

Cancer and Leo Compatibility Cancer and Leo can be great friends, as long as your parents showed they loved you equally as you were growing up. Because your birthdays are close on the calendar, you will probably have little trouble finding some common ground. You are the one who keeps things under control, while Leo is the "mover and shaker." Both of you are inventive and dramatic, so you’ll develop variations on traditional roles. Cancer and Leo embody "mother" and "father" energy, respectively, and because of that, you will have disputes from time to time. Most of the time you’ll be able to smooth out the kinks relatively easily. You and Leo will be able to get your personalities to blend and make a cohesive whole -- and a partnership that will create lifelong family ties.

Cancer and Virgo

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility Cancer and Virgo are very much alike, at least in your intentions. You’re both nurturing and loving, and will act as surrogate parents for one another -- but that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. You are also capable of getting into some nasty battles. For one thing, your messiness -- and reluctance to throw things away -- will get on prim and neat Virgo’s nerves. Meanwhile, Virgo’s natural tendency to criticize is bound to hurt your feelings sooner or later. As is the case with most clashes, when each of you adopts a little of the other’s way of doing things, compromises can be easily reached. Make sure to point out each other’s favorable attributes -- you both respond well to positive reinforcement. As you grow older, you’ll begin to see the value in one another’s strange ways, and will also have latitude in your relationship to poke fun when you get together.

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Cancer and Libra

Cancer and Libra Compatibility For the most part, Cancer and Libra can see eye to eye without too much effort. You’re both self-starters, and like to see things change from time to time. You both have vivid imaginations, as well as a creative streak. You most likely share an interest in things like music and theater, and you may even end up taking lessons together. As a Cancer, you are the more likely of the two of you to roll up your sleeves and lend a helping hand, while Libra will always seem to know just what to say in any situation. Working alongside each other will help you avoid developing resentments toward each other. Your abilities to instinctively know what will pique each other’s interest will allow you to develop a friendship that lasts well into your adult years.

Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility Cancer and Scorpio will get along together ... provided there aren’t a lot of distractions around you. Neither of you particularly like loud noises or activities that intrude upon your inner serenity -- but you’ll thrive on things like puzzles or board games that allow you to use your imaginations. One thing you have in common is your desire to find ways to secure your practical purposes in the world. Scorpio will prefer to do so more quietly, even secretly. It is Scorpio’s private side that might make you believe he or she is the thicker-skinned of the two of you, but don’t be so sure. When you two fight, feelings will be hurt -- and both of you will exact revenge. Forgiveness doesn’t come easily for either of you, so you will need to learn it over time. As you grow older, your bond will keep you together, but your sense of competition will make your relationship interesting.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility Cancer and Sagittarius will have to work hard to find common ground, but it can be done. It might seem as though Sagittarius’ boisterous behavior would overwhelm you, Cancer, but it could end up providing endless entertainment. In turn, you will be able to soothe and ground Sagittarius whenever the pressures of running around like a maniac prove to be too much. This is the kind of sibling relationship that might look strange from the outside, but will provide both of you with a lot of warmth in private moments. As long as you can avoid taking Sagittarius’ draw out to the great unknown personally, there won’t be a lot of fights. You might disagree when you try to hold Sagittarius down, or when Sagittarius hurts your feelings, but you’ll always be able to talk through the things that bother you, and share a lifelong, if unexpected, bond.

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Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility Cancer and Capricorn are on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, but that can actually be a good thing. You two are natural partners, especially when it comes to family relationships. You nurture and support Capricorn, while Capricorn protects and encourages you. You two probably have very different goals, but neither of you let it bother you. You recognize, even from an early age, that you are each two halves of a rather awesome whole. In terms of activities, you will be more whimsical and playful, while serious Capricorn is more restrained. Both of you will enjoy hobbies that have some practical purpose or offer an opportunity to learn. Capricorn will be more inclined to competition. When you fight, you usually find the middle ground without too much trouble. This ability to compromise will keep you close for the rest of your lives.

Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility As a Cancer and an Aquarius, you will have a lot to get over before you can get along well. You are on opposite ends of the spectrum, in that your actions are dictated by personal emotions, while Aquarius’ motivation comes from thinking about what’s going to make the world a better place for everybody. There are reasons why you both landed in the same family -- you need to learn from each other. Aquarius will try to toughen up your hyper-sensitive interior, and you will show Aquarius that there are advantages to using intuition and tapping into one’s softer side. There will probably be many fights between you two, but for the most part, you just won’t speak for awhile. In fact, this frosty tone can persist throughout adulthood. However, when the chips are down, you’ll warm up to one another and remember what family is all about.

Cancer and Pisces

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility Cancer and Pisces get along well and will be very happy together. Although both of you are sensitive and caring, Pisces is more so in most cases. You are far more capable of setting boundaries, and will help protect Pisces from the dangers of the outside world. The trouble with you two, though, could be that neither of you motivates the other to get outside of your cozy little universe. If and when you two fight, the worst things to be thrown around will be tears and tissues. Both of you are highly sensitive and emotional, and your feelings are easily hurt, especially when one of you fails to recognize and anticipate the other’s reaction. This is a relationship that will remain intensely close, and will easily survive things like relationships and geographical distance.

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