Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth and optimism. It seeks grand truths and meaning. It is most at home in the sign of Sagittarius, opposite Gemini. Sagittarius gives Jupiter room for its far-reaching thoughts. Gemini, however, is a more crowded neighborhood.

Jupiter is in its detriment in Gemini, according to astrological tradition. The planet may be weakened and have to overcome more challenges than it would in other signs. Gemini, the twins, keeps presenting choices, which makes it difficult for Jupiter to find the answer it seeks. A possible misapplication is giving too much meaning (Jupiter) to a simple fact (Gemini). When the planet of "more" is in the sign of information, it's possible to have data overdose and lose one's sense of proportion.

Jupiter in Gemini does, of course, have its gifts. If we can keep our mental balance in the midst of a communication avalanche, we will find ourselves inspired with a multitude of ideas. When judgment (Jupiter) is lightened by airy Gemini, we have a chance to step back from our prejudices and accept alternative paths to reality. The roots of the Internet will grow wider and deeper, continuing to weave our thoughts into a collective mind.

Stephen Hawking's Jupiter in Gemini reflects both high intelligence and serious communication challenges. Carole King and Stephen Sondheim express their Jupiters in Gemini with lyrics, Gary Snyder in poetry and Ursula K. Le Guin through science fiction. Jesse Jackson orates and John Travolta acts. Thelonius Monk played the piano with humor.

Twyla Tharp dances, Barbra Streisand and Graham Nash sing. Jupiter in Gemini Kathie Lee Gifford sings, too, and cries and sells stuff. Moral shakiness can be a Jupiter in Gemini issue, just ask Charlie Sheen, Tammy Faye Bakker or Imelda Marcos. But fear not, the law of a million little things is faithfully upheld by Jupiter in Gemini Martha Stewart.

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