Uranus in Aquarius

Uranus in Aquarius

Tarot.com Staff

Revolutionary Uranus is in its home sign in Aquarius: the future is now. Uranus feels welcome in open-minded Aquarius. This is an indicator of major cultural changes. The global mind is wired by email and the Internet. Communities are no longer bounded by time and space, but are being created by our common interests. We can now easily have friends all over the world.

On a personal level this is about finding freedom in a world that seems to become more crowded every day. Freedom can seem scary, even if you say that you want it. Start by freeing yourself from old ideas and beliefs that hold you back. Don’t be afraid to question everything you thought you knew about life. If a truth is going to be useful it will stand up to your scrutiny. Be ready to be surprised. Discovery, rather than control, works well with Uranus. You need to be fast on your feet, but even faster with your mind. Don’t worry about what you don’t know, it’s what you think you know that can hold you back.

Uranus in Aquarius is about the new networks and channels of communication that mark the end of this millennium and the beginning of the next. Those who understand group dynamics flourish during this cycle. You are responsible for your own life, but we all share the world in which we live. Learning how to work collaboratively is vital now. This doesn’t mean that you lose your individuality, but that you know how to connect with others when and as you need one another. This is not a pattern that favors sentimentality. Those who cling too tightly to the past may be left behind by the future.

The shifting social fabric can be unsettling. It’s essential that we regard the breakdown of the past as an opportunity, not as a failure. New structures will be emerging in forms that are still as yet unknown to us. Stay in contact with different kinds of people. The era of groups organized by gender, race, age, nationality and religion are becoming less meaningful. The new associations are those of like-minded people, those with common visions and goals. Prejudice is a very heavy burden to carry at these times. Success is more likely to come to those willing to experiment, those more interested in discovery and learning than certainty. Still, freedom will take on new and unexpected forms. When you think you see the patterns, step back and look from a different angle. Uranus in Aquarius is a kaleidoscope of change unified by a common field. Humanity is the race of the future.