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This article's content includes contributions from Tarot.com writer Christine Payne-Towler.

How's your life working out for you? That's the key question that Tarot's suit of Pentacles wants you to ask. If you don't like the answer, it's the Pentacles cards that can provide the insight you need to start moving in the right direction.

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Tarot cards in the Pentacles suit -- sometimes referred to as "Coins" -- pertain to things in the material and physical world. Often Pentacles are mistaken as only symbols of wealth and money matters. But in truth they speak of success and prosperity on all levels -- this includes money and career success, but also family, body, and health matters.

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The suit of Pentacles is connected to the winter season and the Earth element, which represent stability, practicality, and determination, as well as giving and receiving. When a Pentacles card turns up in a Tarot reading, it's typically an indicator that something in your material world needs attention. This can be positive -- such as a successful business transaction or a large inheritance; or negative -- such as health troubles or obstacles in the way of your success.

Emotionally, the Pentacles symbolize energies of safety, security, and abundance. The theme of prosperity is not limited to only a financial experience. Even the poorest person can be enriched and increased by the experience of a golden moment, contact with goodness, or beauty -- all parts of the Pentacles suit.

The Pentacles Tarot cards can also symbolize strengths or gifts you hold. Those who are willing to invest themselves -- their time, money, and labor -- deserve the rewards of effort. The Pentacles provide those rewards, as well as supply the means to earn and deserve them.

Whether it's intellectual, entrepreneurial, artistic, or any other "property" you command (including the sheer brute energy and strength to outwork those around you), the Pentacles symbolize the value of your assets. This suit also represents your personal values -- the things you love, are attracted to, and collect around yourself. If you can translate this into a way to pay your bills and take care of your family, you have mastered the Pentacles.

The suit of Pentacles in a classic Tarot deck consists of 14 Tarot cards beginning with the Ace of Pentacles, progressing upward through the 10 of Pentacles, and concluding with the four Court cards, the Page, Knight, Queen and King of Pentacles.

Keep reading to learn about the meaning of each card in the suit of Pentacles.

Ace of Coins

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is usually pictured with a garden or agricultural backdrop to emphasize its connection to Earth, and the potential of this Ace to serve as a seed of future fulfillment. If your talents are planted and tended carefully, this seed will sprout and reward you with a good harvest. The Ace represents the first step to your goal, but if that step is repeated, it can cover great distances. When the Ace of Pentacles arises in your Tarot reading, it is a message of support, and advises that you move gradually, steadily, and with intention in order to reach your long-term goals. Learn more about the Ace of Pentacles

Two of Coins

Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles generally features a figure juggling, with two Pentacles flying about him in figure-eight fashion. It is clear that until one or the other Pentacle drops, the final call cannot be made; there is more to learn before an action can be taken. Therefore, the Two of Pentacles counsels patience, so do not allow circumstances to hustle you. You have all the time you need to work this out, no matter how urgent things appear right now. When the Two of Pentacles comes up in your Tarot reading, changes are in the works, but you will do better to stay calm until you have more information. Everything is in flux. Learn more about the Two of Pentacles


Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is traditionally the Tarot card of genius. It often depicts a master craftsman consulting with his colleagues on how to complete a masterwork. On occasion, the genius is portrayed at his studio, alone and burning the midnight oil in a creative ferment. When the Three of Pentacles arises in your Tarot reading, it is a message to enjoy what you do, and to stay focused on the task at hand. Through realistic plans, collaboration, and a dedication to improvement, you can turn your great visions into realities. Learn more about the Three of Pentacles

Four of Coins

Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles represents the paradox of material security -- the double-edged reality that comes when you have been well supported and protected, yet this prosperity brings the pressure of big decisions and responsibilities. This card urges you to adopt skills to sensibly handle your finances and your environment, and to not be daunted by surprise developments. When this Tarot card arises in your reading, it is a message to make sound judgements -- do not waste, but do not cling, either. Disconnect your self-worth from your material worth. You may be holding on too tightly, trying desperately to maintain control, and would benefit by loosening your attachment to your finances and other materialistic concerns; these are not the ways to true contentment. Learn more about the Four of Pentacles

Five of Coins

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles is the card of desire and gratification. Doing something for short-term gratification will often lead to long-term disappointment. This Tarot card encourages you to be discerning in what you go after. When money and success are your driving forces in life, a setback in these areas can deliver a great blow to your esteem. Or maybe you've neglected the people in your life who've helped you get where you are, and now feel unhappy and alone. Money is a part of life, but don't let it be your whole life -- the Five of Pentacles reminds you that riches come in many different forms. Learn more about the Five of Pentacles

Six of Coins

Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles is the card of patronage and generosity, with all the strings attached. It's about giving and receiving, and the balance that must be stricken between the two. When you give or loan your time, money, knowledge, or support to others, you are paying back the universe for times you've received aid in the past, and opening the channels to receive aid in the future. Likewise, when you are receiving support from another in your time of need, the message of the Six of Pentacles is that you must pay forward this generosity when you are able to do so, to maintain the karmic cycle. Learn more about the Six of Pentacles

Seven of Coins

Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is about putting in the work that is required. The traditional concept of this Tarot card is cultivation -- the attitude that slow and steady wins the race. This is a "no excuses" card -- its message is to keep your head down and finish what you started. No matter how frustrating it may get, have patience and be confident in your efforts. When the Seven of Pentacles arises in your Tarot reading, it is a reminder that the more vigilant you are over a project, the more likely you are to get the results you want. Learn more about the Seven of Pentacles

Eight of Coins

Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles is a card of work and improvement. We see here the successful artisan spending time at his bench, hammering out his work. But this card is not just about getting the job done, it's about doing the job well, and regularly seeking ways to improve and refine any details. With all this focus, however, there's risk of becoming a workaholic, and feeling so indispensable that you will not ask for help or delegate any part of a project. When the Eight of Pentacles arises in your Tarot reading, it encourages you to continue in your current project or education, but to put energy into maintaining a more balanced life and perspective. Learn more about the Eight of Pentacles

Nine of Coins

Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles represents financial security, self-sufficiency, accomplishment, and independence. The figure on this Tarot card is able to sustain his or her fortune and live a life of rest and luxury, but it has come through much hard work, time, and sacrifice. When the Nine of Pentacles comes up in your Tarot reading, be sure you are balancing your own hard work with rest and reward. The message here is to live confidently, act gracefully, and to make your needs a priority. Learn more about the Nine of Pentacles

Ten of Coins

Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles represents the final result of very long-term efforts that culminate in wealth, abundance, legacies, and completion. This is a card of great accomplishment and pride, and can be an indicator of retirement, inheritance, investments, and comfort later in life. But the Ten of Pentacles is as much a card about family as it is finances. This Tarot card represents tight-knit families, and the wealth and knowledge that are passed down through generations. If this card comes up in your Tarot reading, it is a reminder to think long-term, and ensure all your decisions will get you closer to your goals. Learn more about the Ten of Pentacles

Page of Coins

Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles is a student of abundance. His attention is focused on learning how to increase, multiply, and grow his fortune. He watches those around him, learning from their mistakes and mentorship, mastering his own skills along the way. When the Page of Pentacles arises in your Tarot reading, do your research. Take a class, talk to someone with experience; learn how to gain what you need in order to advance and sustain your fortune. This is not a time of action and accomplishment -- it's a time of preparation and education. Learn more about the Page of Pentacles

Knight of Coins

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is the most peace-loving of all the Knights, the overseer of fertility and growth. He moves at the rate of the flow because he knows that you can't hurry time. Seeing the bigger picture, like a farmer planning for future decades, the Knight of Pentacles is methodical, dedicated, and efficient. The message of the Knight of Pentacles is to be practical and persevering in your efforts. The work will not always be glamorous, but your integrity depends on commitment and follow-through, and your work will be rewarded. Learn more about the Knight of Pentacles

Queen of Coins

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is endowed with enormous good sense and problem-solving energy. She loves to advise, encourage, nurture, and empower those she gets involved with, helping to solve their difficulties. She is an educator and a healer, and is happiest when sharing her time, energy, skills, and money with others. If the Queen of Pentacles comes up in your Tarot reading, give of yourself, and focus on creating a comfortable, rich environment for yourself and your loved ones. Practice groundedness and compassion. Or, seek advice from someone in your life who exhibits these qualities. Learn more about the Queen of Pentacles

Ace of Coins

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is someone who has accomplished a lot in life, and he has much to show for it. He's a builder, a succeeder, and a high-roller. He has great financial power and garners much respect. The King of Pentacles has reached the top of the ladder, and has matured not only his profits but his personal values as well. In a Tarot reading, this King represents attainment and completion of long-term goals. It reminds you to work methodically, and take the strongest, most reliable path to get where you're trying to go. And when you get there, try going even further. Learn more about the King of Pentacles

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